Consumer Electronics Show about more than just gadgets


Until recently, people went to the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to learn what new electronic toys and gadgets were making their way to the market.


But now, technology seems to be driving everything, so all manner of products can be found at the Las Vegas show. For example, car companies are now a huge presence, showing off everything from new safety features to the latest in infotainment and navigation systems.


This Gadget Can Transform Into Anything You Need


When it sits on your bathroom counter, a new device called Droppler measures how much water you're using and gives real-time feedback. But once you've trained yourself to take shorter showers—and you're no longer using the gadget—you can turn it into a drone or a video camera.

Founders at Nascent, the startup making Droppler, think that this could be the future of electronics: instead of tossing out new technology a couple of years after buying it, the guts inside can just be transformed into whatever you need next.


You might want to avoid these 6 health devices from the Consumer Electronics Show


Thousands of vendors have crammed into the huge annual Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, showing off everything from a single-seat electric sports car to a portable, solar-powered stove that’ll also grill, roast, or boil your food. Amid all the bling, there are dozens of digital health devices — a sign of a booming industry that’s attracted nearly $9 billion in venture capital over the past two years.But will consumers actually buy these new gadgets? Or use them?


Adafruit Unveils New Circuit Playground Board To Learn About Electronics


Electronics resource and online component shop Adafruit has this week unveiled a new piece of hardware that will soon be arriving in store, that has been designed to provide an easy way to learn more about electronics and takes the form of an all-in-one board that has sensors and LEDs built in.


The new Circuit Playground as the circular development board has been named, is equipped with a ATmega32u4 processor in a similar vein to the popular Flora hardware and includes easy-to-use alligator-clip pads around its edge as well as a range of other components such as push buttons.


Local companies showcase new gadgets at Consumer Electronics Show


More than a dozen Wisconsin companies are in Las Vegas this week showcasing their latest products at the 2016 Consumer ELECTRONICS Show.


If you're a laser tag fan, the industry is launching a new live-action gaming system anyone can play without having to go to a laser tag arena.


"I think it is going to be more attractive to a wider audience than the audience coming to an arena because anyone can get together and play in a backyard, a park or the woods," Marie McGeorge with Laser Tag Pro said. "You're mobile so you're not just contained to your home."







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